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劉敏儀博士: 所有女性都可以成為變革者! Dr Irene Lau: All women can be changemakers!

感謝RheinGold Family Office訪問我們英國教育園的聯合創始人劉敏儀博士。 Thank you RheinGold Family Office for having an interview with our co-founder, Dr Irene Lau.


RheinGold Family Office 旨在與全球女性一起慶祝 2022 年國際婦女節。在我們的人事業務中,我們經常因遇到不同女性的故事

而感到謙卑。今天我們要特別強調我們其中的一位,一位永遠努力不懈的慈善家和教育家 ---- 英國教育花園的聯合創始人:劉敏儀博士。 RheinGold Family Office is inspired

to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 with women globally. In our people business, we are often humbled by the stories of women we meet. Today, we highlight and cel

ebrate one in our midst, a relentless philanthropist and educationist, the Co-founder of UK Education Garden, Dr Irene Lau.

於17 項聯合國可持續目標中,劉博士分享她覺得最有意義的 4 項,分別是 #1 消除貧困、#4 優質教育、#13 氣候變化和 #15 陸地生物。她積極於工作和生活上努力實踐這四個目標。在過去的二十年裡,她和她的家人都致力在中國持續支持和建設學校,以幫助更多村民接受教育。 Irene shares that #1 No Poverty, #4 Q

uality Education, #13 Climate Change, #15 Life on Land are 4 of the 17 UN sustainable goals


he is passionate to create impact in her life and work. Based out of HK, both she and her family have supported and build schools in China over the past 2 decades to help make education accessible for villagers.

劉敏儀博士獲得了一系列榮譽 —— • 2018 年的“Albert Schwitzer 人類榮譽勳章”,以促進社會包容; • 2012 年奧巴馬總統頒發的“總統呼籲服務獎”,以表彰社區服務; • 2008 年“世界傑出華人獎”,以表彰為弱勢群體提供教育機會。 儘管如此,劉博士最大的動力就是期望為社會帶來更大和可持續發展的好處。她堅信所有女性都可以成為變革者。我們需要一種開放的

心態去擁抱、思考和採取不同的行動以帶來積極的變化。 Dr Lau has a string of accolades –– • “Albert Schwitzer Medal of Honour in Hum

anity” in 2018 for enhancing social inclusion; • “The President Call to Service Award” by President Obama in 2012 in recognition of community service; • “World Outstanding Chinese Award” in 2008 for championing educational opportunities for the underprivileged. Notwithstanding, her desire to bring greater and sustainable good in society is what motivates her the most. She is a firm believer that

. What it takes is an open mindset to embrace, think and act differently to lead for positive changes.

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