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Purple purple everywhere. No one would not be head over heels in the sea of lavenders. Sasa and Febe share with you what makes lavenders people's favourite and recommend places for you to enjoy the 5 senses of lavenders in Provence, France and in the UK. Don't miss Febe's tips on taking photos that wow!

🔔今集在英國劍橋Melissa同法國巴黎Febe,繼續帶大家眼睛去旅行,介紹英國和法國南部普羅旺斯薰衣草園旅遊貼士。還有Febe 分享拍攝花田攝影技巧 。

⚡️今次LIVE Febe 會唱首歌送給天下媽媽,為世上媽媽送上愛的敬意,繼續發放「愛」與「正能量」☀️🌏 ❤️


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