A Day Trip to Cambridge (Ambrose Chan)

Education is priceless, and it can really make a difference in your life.

I always wish to study in Cambridge as a postgraduate, so I was thrilled to be able to visit it last month and had an idea of what life was like for a Cambridge student.

I wandered around the lawn at King’s College, inhaled fresh air, and read a book about the history of Cambridge under the shade of a tree, as if I were really a student at Cambridge. I observed that some Cambridge students were chatting along the River Cam and reading on the lawn - it was really a cool environment!

With more than 800 years of history, Cambridge is architecturally splendid with roots in the medieval period, and the alma mater of many talents who inspired and transformed our world: Charles Darwin, Father of Evolution, readily came to my mind as he studied in Christ’s College.

I had the privilege of talk to some Cambridge alumni and students. (I met John in a chapel, a Cambridge alumnus who studied Theology!) He told me that despite the eight-week hectic semester, he and his friends did enjoy studying in Cambridge. It must have been a rewarding experience to be taught by world-class professors at Cambridge!

(Talking to John and his lovely daughter!)

I could only stay for one day in Cambridge, there was not enough time for me visiting all college (an interesting note: there are 31 colleges in Cambridge!) And perhaps it would also be great to visit Cambridge in the spring or summer break, as you could admire fabulous flowers and blooming buds in many beautiful gardens in Cambridge!

It was not easy to get myself out of such an academically attractive place during this trip. I am more determined than ever to better equip myself, enhance my research skills, and make my dream come true one day.



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