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🤓Imagine Children’s Festival 2022🤓

Imagine Children's Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. It will be held at the Southbank Centre in London from 9th-20th February.🎊🎉

With its fruitful content, this is the best chance to cultivate parent-child reading 📖 and children's creativity & imagination🎨. It is also a good opportunity to meet famous British children literature authors✍🏻. We would like to recommend three of the activities below.

1️⃣ Peppa Pig: My First Concert

From Mozart to muddy puddles: Everyone’s favourite Pig family leads an introduction to live orchestra for the whole family. 🎵🎺

2️⃣ A Morning with Michael Rosen

The former Children’s Laureate introduces Sticky McStickstick, his moving and inspirational new picture book – a story of perseverance and hope. 🥰🌻

3️⃣ Escape with Jacqueline Wilson

The bestselling children’s author reveals how she created her most-loved characters and introduces her new books in a talk - The Runaway Girls and The Primrose Railway Children.🎭🎬

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