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📣MPW x UK Education Garden📣 ♦️GCSE / A-Level Easter Revision♦️


UK Education Garden is in close partnership with the well-known MPW and launches Easter Revision for GCSE and A-level candidates. It is an intensive and subject specific course that aims to enhance students’ exam techniques and overall results in the public exam.

🍀Main Features🍀

⚠️Taught and progress monitored by experienced examiners

⚠️Covering the latest question styles and exam techniques

⚠️Small class size with no more than 9 students in a class

⚠️Flexible class time, ranging from half a day to 3 weeks

⚠️Boarding is available in Cambridge

🔸Course Content, Class Times and Fees🔸

Please refer to the posts on social media above and the links to the Course Outlines below.

🎁Complimentary Service🎁

UKEG will give out free Motivational Map / Morrisby assessment tool and provide one-to-one private consultations, enabling you to make the most desirable decision for your academic or career pursuit.

🔹Enquiry & Enrolment🔹

If you have any enquiries about courses, please use the links to get in touch with our staff.

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