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School Visit

For all parents who truly value their children's education and especially the ones who choose an overseas education as the next step, attending school visits to the selected schools is crucial in your research. Each visit provides you much more information than you would ever know by reading published materials. Seeing is believing. Some schools can even arrange for your child to shadow a student for a day to experience being a student there.

Your own experience tells you more than what you are told!


School visits with UK Education Garden, we CAN

  • save your precious time in shortlisting schools of your dream

  • save your time and effort in the tedious job of contacting schools and organising schedule

  • save you time and effort in arranging transportation in a foreign country

  • give you expert tips and advice on how to prepare and look for before and during the visits

  • help the communication between your family and the schools

  • arrange a UK Education Garden's team member/ trusted partner that speaks your language to visit with you

  • evaluate with you your experience with school visits that help you further understand your needs 

Why school visit?

Help you to imagine how life would be studying there!


School visits allow parents and children to know:


1. The overall atmosphere of physical campus:

  • How do parents and children feel within the school campus?

  • Is the campus spacious, leaning spaces well-laid out?

  • Does it have facilities that help your children grow?


2. The overall impression of the people:

  • How do the students interact with each other?

  • What is their attitude towards visitors?

  • How do students and teachers interact in the classroom?


3. Answers to your questions you can only ask after observation:

  • You will have a chance to meet and talk to the head teacher or the deputy head teacher to further understand what support your children can get.

  • You can also ask the students and teachers questions if you have a chance.

  • You can ask any questions upon your observations.


4. About the community:

  • What happens outside the campus?

  • What atmosphere does the community present to you? Do you feel safe?

At the end of a school visit, your gut feeling can tell:

Parents: I can/can't picture my children studying in this school happily.

Children: I can/can't picture myself having a happy school life here.

It’s much more than seeing the schools

Being there yourself with your children gives both of you a good reference to whether it is the right school! By visiting the school, you can soak up the school atmosphere with your five senses. The first-person experience helps your children prepare themselves better psychologically if they can picture themselves studying in the school and parents would have a better sense of how the school can help your children with their schoolwork and whole-person development. At the end of the day, choosing a school overseas is a paramount decision that leaves a long-lasting impact! Arranging school visits gives you and your children more than you would have thought of.


It may surprise you that some families may spend 2 to 3 years finding the right school in the UK for their children and some extremely well-planned ones may have started looking 5 years before they send their children to the UK. Parents who value education and their children's well-being believe that school visits especially useful. Just like all parents would like to physically visit schools and understand the surrounding areas even if it is just a local school. A comprehensive impression and knowledge of the chosen school and its surrounded area not only give parents a good idea of what environment their children would be nurtured in but also parents' peace of mind. That is particularly important for parents who are new to the UK or cannot be in the UK.


Families using our school visits service would always come back and say the ‘holiday’ they had with their children visiting schools is one of the best parent-child moments they have ever had. It is a time to appreciate the beautiful scenery and culture in the UK and it’s a time that everyone can have a break from the usual tiring daily routine to learn with each other and get to know each other better. Usually, children are incredibly grateful for the multitude of time, money, and effort parents put into helping them path the best way possible ahead. Arranging a trip to the UK for school visits not only give parents and children a preview of life in the future but also a great way to improve parent-child relationship. Further, after children have started to study in the UK, they would feel like them have more to share with parents.

Why school visit?

How does UK Education Garden make it sleek for your family?

Shortlist the schools you would like to visit 

It is a value-added service for members of UK Education Garden, our education experts would assist you to shortlist a few schools that may benefit your children’s academic development and whole-person development most. 

Arrange a Visit 

UK Education Garden will have you approach the schools and arrange visits with according to your schedule in the UK.


We would guide you through what you should look for and questions you may want to use the schools according to the needs of the students.

Transport and Chaperone

To ensure sleek and efficient experience, we can arrange private transportation and a chaperon that speak both your language and English to visit the schools with you upon request.

Let us know what you think after the school visits. Any further questions for schools that you are particularly interested in? Proceed with applications?

Below are examples of schools that we have been to…

**This value-added service for members is highly customised. The price may vary according to location of the schools, the number of school visits, transport, and other arrangements.


**In case your family cannot travel to the UK for a school visit, we would be happy to do so on your and your children’s behalf. One of our education consultants or a trusted partner would visit the schools and get back the information you need for you.

Schools List

School Visit Example


Perse Pre School (For Ages 7 to 11)

"It was great to meet the Head of Perse Prep, Mr James Piper, and discussed the applications for three Chinese students.  The parent also enjoyed seeing the school on the full working day. The school is humming with busy, happy and enthusiastic children."

Melissa (Executive Director)


Princess Helena College

On a snowy day in 2018, Melissa and a Chinese parent visited the world-class education facilities at Princess Helena College, including a well-equipped ICT room, creative art arenas, student accommodation and outstanding classrooms. Surrounded by rolling hills, fields and beautiful woodland, the College looks so beautiful!


Old Buckenham Hall (For Ages 3 to 13)

On a sunny Spring day, Melissa guided a Chinese parent to visit The Old Buckenham Hall School in East England. The school has been established for more than 150 years. It has always been known for its outstanding achievements. Students perform well at the Common Entrance, and graduates are able to progress to famous high schools in the UK. The students' attitudes are highly valued. Students are expected to actively participate in sports, music, arts and drama activities, develop in a balanced manner, and prepare for the future.
Old Buckenham Hall School is located on the outskirts of Ipswich and is surrounded by agricultural land. The environment is quiet and it is a good place for children to grow up healthily. We noticed the students are boarding at the school and their sense of belonging is very high.

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