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Guardianship Service


We support you in finding the right guardian in the UK.  We also help to build a close relationship with your school regarding your wellbeing and performance.  We offer practical as well as counselling support where necessary. 



Insurance & Financial Planning


We can advise on UK student protection insurance which provides complete coverage for students studying overseas, so you can focus on your study and free from worrying about the unexpected.





We can advise on finding a suitable 

accommodation or home in the UK.




Personal Statement

Studying in the UK is a multi-national experience. We can help you find a rich and suitable independent college in the UK.

CV & Careers Advice


We can advise on your CV and help you decide your future career.


Postgraduate Study


We offer personal statement advice for your college, UCAS, postgraduate (Master/PhD) applications.


It is important you choose the summer course you enjoy as well as help you reach your academic goals.

Benefits of our selected summer courses: 

  1. taster of studying in the UK

  2. meeting outstanding international students and academics in the UK

  3. learning from international students from around the world. 


Why apply through us: 

  1. China/HK consultants for enquiry

  2. Excellent follow-up advice/guidance during the courses in the UK

  3. You might be qualified for UK Education Garden scholarships and sponsorship

UK Education Garden: creating your future 英國教育園 創造你的未來
UK Education Garden: creating your future 英國教育園 創造你的未來
UK Education Garden: creating your future 英國教育園 創造你的未來
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