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Class Attendance & Punctuality Policy 

The UK Education Garden encourages students to observe class attendance and punctuality in order that they get the most out of each lesson. All our tutors will try their best to remind students of their class schedule by:


  • sending an email confirmation containing details of each session and a link to join the lesson.

  • sending reminders through the chat function on the Microsoft Teams platform.


While every effort is made to ensure close communication between students and their tutors regarding the lesson schedule, we would like parents and students to pay attention to the following arrangements in case of absences.


  • Please inform your tutor at least 48 hours before a scheduled lesson in case of absence due to foreseeable reasons. This does not apply to absence due to health reasons. If you feel unwell, you should notify your tutor as soon as you can so that a make-up class can be arranged accordingly.

  • The first 15 minutes of the lesson will be charged in case of no shows without valid reasons or notification in advance.


We would like parents and students to understand that these measures are there to protect the interests of both all tutors and students.

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