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Why Choose Our Tutors

We carefully select and recruit our tutors range from University professors to undergraduates studying in top UK universities. They all have had experience of tutoring international students and received training from UKEG.  Our experienced tutors are generally kind, patient, professional and understands the extra helps that International students may need.


UKEG will help each student find suitable tutors and design a tailored study package based on the student's academic needs. We oversee all the tuitions and are informed the students' attendances and feedbacks as well as monitoring their progress and improvement needed to make.

We encourage students to commuinicate with us and their tutors with anything they would like to ask or unsure. We try our best to give all possible support to our students and make sure they progress steadily to reach their full potentials in their academic studies.

School Entrance Exams

We provide tailored programme to prepare our tudents for 7+, 11+, 13+ or 16+ entrance exams and computerised tests (inculding the ISEB Pre-Test and UKISET, CAT4) as well as interview skills.

GCSE, A-Level

Our tutors can also help students with their GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A Level subjects. The tutors we introduce to students have a thorough knowledge of the various exam boards.

University Entrance

Keystone represents a range of specialist tutors who can assist students approaching university entrance exams and interviews for Oxford, Cambridge and other leading UK universities. 

Meet Our Advisors & Tutors

Alan Barrell.png

Professor Alan Barrell

MBA/EMBA Advisor

Professor Alan Barrell is Chairman of Cambridge Worldwide Associates and Professor of Practice at Hong Kong Management Association, Honorary Doctor of Business Administration Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, International Fellow University of Essex Business School, Formerly Entrepreneur in Residence Judge Business School Cambridge, Visiting Professor Liaoning University Shenyang and at Shanghai Art and Design Academy. He has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in UK and appointed Knight First Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland for services to Education. Biography Professor Alan Barrell studied and qualified initially in the UK as a member of the Institute of Biomedical Science. His early work was in medical research and extensively in Clinical Laboratory Medicine at West Middlesex Hospital in London. His specialty was Haematology and Blood Transfusion. Subsequently he undertook a career within the Healthcare Industry working in the UK Continental Europe, North and South America and Asia. He occupied the position during the 1980s of Managing Director – Baxter Travenol Laboratories UK and Europe, following a career with the company that eventually spanned 17 years and embraced all aspects of industrial activity including manufacturing, quality management, regulatory affairs and marketing. Professor Barrell moved in 1985 into the field of industrial electronics to become CEO of Domino Printing Sciences plc and remained in the sector for twelve years, eventually becoming Group Managing Director of both Domino plc and Willett International Ltd at different times. During his period leading Willett International Ltd, Alan set up and became Chairman of Willett China Ltd based in Zhuhai Guangdong Province. His work in academia had begun in earnest in Cambridge and with Visiting Professorial appointments at Shanghai University, Xiamen University and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Professor Barrell’s work developing Entrepreneurial Venture Camp Programmes in the Baltic States, led to similar activities and teaching and conference participation in Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow, Poland as well as the Basque Region of Spain. Extensive Educational Programmes for Chinese undergraduates and for senior Chinese Executives have been designed and delivered over a period of years. In addition to his personal awards of Honorary Doctoral Fellowships at Universities of Bedfordshire and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, Professor Barrell accepted several Queen’s Awards for Technology and Export Excellence on behalf of companies he chaired. Alan has established with others a Venture Capital Company – Cambridge Gateway Fund of which he was Managing Partner. Most recently Alan has joined the Advisory Boards of The China Insight Foundation and MedCity in London Research and publications Professor Barrell’s research has been focused on the Commercialization of Research, Translational Medicine, inter-continental Technology Transfer and the evolution of Innovation based Ecosystems. In addition to papers published there have been five books: -Exploring New Markets - Building a Global Business – How to Profit from Innovation (co-author), Executive Networking (co-author) and Show Me the Money (co-author)

Dr David Smith.jpg

Dr. David Smith

Oxbridge Coach

Dr. David Smith is a highly qualified and experienced educationalist based in the United Kingdom. Having been a boarder at an all boy HMC school, David went on to study at four universities including Cambridge and London. His degrees include a Masters in International Education and a PhD Doctorate in Political History. David is a member of the London Livery Worshipful Company of Educators. ​Over a 25 year career in education, David has taught History, been a Head of Department, Housemaster, Registrar, Head of International Recruitment and Deputy Headmaster in leading UK independent schools. With experience of teaching IGCSE, A Level and IB, leading Oxbridge preparation and interviewing, David has a detailed understanding of the UK education sector and can help you to select and apply to the right school for your child. With four children who have all been to independent schools and universities in the UK, David can advise both professionally and as a parent having faced the same questions that you are asking with informed and impartial advice about the best option for your child. Working with UK, international and corporate clients, David can provide guidance to families at each stage of their child’s educational journey from prep to senior school and those relocating within or to the United Kingdom. Over a 25 year career in education, David has taught History, been a Head of Department, Housemaster, Registrar, Head of International Recruitment and Deputy Headmaster in leading UK independent schools. With experience of teaching IGCSE, A Level and IB, leading Oxbridge preparation and interviewing, David has a detailed understanding of the UK education sector and can help you to select and apply to the right school for your child. With four children who have all been to independent schools and universities in the UK, David can advise both professionally and as a parent having faced the same questions that you are asking with informed and impartial advice about the best option for your child. Working with UK, international and corporate clients, David can provide guidance to families at each stage of their child’s educational journey from prep to senior school and those relocating within or to the United Kingdom.


Sabine Kite

Cambridge Consultant

Sabine has over 15 years’ experience of working in education, from independent schools as Bursar and from running a very large and successful Language School in the city centre of Cambridge, working with education has been something very close to Sabine’s heart. Sabine is passionate about education and ensuring everyone gets the absolute max out of education, She believes that good education provides children with a holistic learning experience and striking the right balance is important. Sabine knows from her own experience in school life that children learn better when they are happy with their environment, their learning is varied, and they have a good balance of academic and extracurricular activities. Having been surrounded by international environments her whole life, she believes in providing pupils with an all-round education, preparing them culturally as well as academically for a global community. Sabine has experience in working with overseas parents looking for the right school for their child as well as working with schools who are looking for students that are the right fit for their school. Language Learning is very important to Sabine as she is German and went to boarding school with no prior English knowledge, so she understands the challenges from a student and parents’ point of view.


Maggie Chan

Honorary Consultant

- B.A. Hons (York) Educational Studies - M.Phil. (Cantab) Research in Second Language Education - Pg.D.E. in Education (English Language and Literature) - Former lecturer at City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong - Author of children’s picture books


Fang Cai

English Professor

Fang Cai, an associate professor and tutor for Masters students, majored in Anglo-American Literature at the Foreign Languages College of a Chinese university. She is also a PhD student in Comparative Literature and World Literature at the Faculty of Literature of this University. Currently she is engaged in literature research and thesis writing, travelling between China and the UK. From October 2013 to April 2014, she was a visiting academic scholar at the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2007, she was an academic visitor for one month at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. In July 2006, she went to Australia for further education in teaching methodology. She has been teaching for 26 years and has rich experience in one-to-one instruction to Gaokao students. She is also very experienced at teaching undergraduates and postgraduates. The courses she taught at university include Anglo-American Literature, Western Cultural History, Survey of English-speaking Countries, Literary Criticism Theories, and English Audio-Visual,. She is keen on literature and writing and has published three monographs such as On the Edge of the Clouds: Cambridge Academic Visit Essays. ​Because of her educational philosophy and successful guidance, her 19-year-old son is now a sophomore majoring in Psychology at the University of Adelaide in Australia where he also serves as a teaching assistant. Her son is also the youngest professional basketball player of Chinese-Descent in Australian basketball history after signing a contract with the Central District Lions of the Australian Basketball Association in April 2019. He is also the vice-captain of Basketball Team at the University of Adelaide. Her husband is a British engineer, who works for the Dutch company Philips. Based on the above experience, she has unique experience in studying and living in the UK and knows deeply the cultural differences between east and west. She communicates fluently in both English and Chinese and can coach students with a clear target.

Shin Liang Chin1.jpeg

Dr Shin Liang Chin

Cambridge Consultant (Science)

Shin Liang Chin graduated with a Phd degree in physics from the University of Cambridge. Upon graduation he continued to work as a post-doc at the university's famous Cavendish Laboratory, which gave birth to 29 Nobel prize winners. His expertise is in condensed matter physics, specialising in the fabrication and characterisation of sub-micron magnetic materials. He has published numerous articles and made presentations at major international conferences. He also led EU-wide research in materials for next generation data storage devices. ​He left the university in 2016 and has continued his research in the private sector. More recently he has engaged himself in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimise manufacturing processes, root-cause analysis, and predictive analytics. He is still active in teaching physics and mathematics, while being a very accomplished debater at the same time.


Dr Kieron Young

Cambridge Coach

Kieron is currently a foundation doctor working in the north of London having graduated with First-Class Honours in Medicine and with a Bachelor of Science in Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Imperial College London. Regarded by his peers and tutors as a friendly, approachable and patient person, Kieron is always happy to help ensure each student can fulfil their potential. At the Perse School Cambridge he achieved 12A* at IGCSE/GCSE and 3A* at A-level, while also completing a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. He has tutored and mentored many students throughout his undergraduate years and understands the difficulties that international students may experience while studying in the UK. He strives to help them achieve their aims and ambitions as he works closely with the students and their parents, providing academic tutoring and consulting.


Leo Huang

Cambridge Progression Coach

Leo is a postgraduate student at Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College, studying for an MPhil in Biotechnology. He is an extremely diligent individual with excellent time management and problem-solving skills, which have helped him achieve top grades at many prestigious institutions. At the Perse School Cambridge he achieved 11 A*s at GCSE, followed by 4 A*s at A Level at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. Following this, he spent a year at Imperial College School of Medicine before completing a BEng in Biomedical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London with First-Class Honours. Alongside his studies, Leo strives to help younger students achieve their goals with UK Education Garden by offering bespoke academic tutoring, interview coaching, and application consulting. Born to native Chinese parents, Leo grew up in Cambridge and spent much of his childhood simultaneously immersed in two different cultures, picking up how to speak Mandarin Chinese as well as acquainting himself with the ins and outs of English society. As a result, he is very familiar with the education system and is held in high regard by students and teachers alike due to his years of experience and outstanding achievements.


Xuanyu Zhao

Cambridge Coach

Xuanyu is a PhD student in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge and a member of Darwin College. Upon obtaining his BEng degree in China, Xuanyu was awarded the Marie-Curie fellowship from the European Commission to conduct his doctoral research at the Geotechnical Research Group at the University of Cambridge. His research involves developing advanced numerical software for modelling soil-water interactions, the understanding of which is crucial within the field of geotechnical engineering. During his time in Cambridge, Xuanyu has also given supervisions to both graduates and undergraduates at the Engineering Department. He also received a secondment to Deltares, a major Dutch technological institute that enjoys high international prestige. Through working in the Netherlands with Deltares for 18 months, Xuanyu was able to develop close contact with industry professionals there. Thanks to his multicultural experience, he has developed a deeper understanding of people from different countries on their education systems, lifestyles and professional life.


Xuan Li

Science and Engineering Coach

Xuan Li was a consultancy analyst based in Cambridge, UK. She has a diverse education background and working experience in different countries. During her undergraduate study, she spent half a year in University College London (UCL) and was a research assistant in a wastewater treatment project. Afterwards, she earned her master’s degree from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Xuan also worked as a consultancy analyst in Cambridge, water researcher in the Netherlands and civil drainage engineer in a municipal research institute in China. ​Over the previous years of education, Xuan has obtained experience in supervising and interacting with students as an English teacher. She not only guides student academic study but also helps them enjoy the process of study and build up their confidence and interest. Thanks to the multi-culture education and working experience, she has developed a better understanding of knowledge learning and practical application.


Alex Yang

Cambridge Coach

Alex is currently studying medicine at Cardiff University. He moved to the UK 12 years ago from mainland China, so he is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Since moving to the UK, Alex has fully immersed himself in British culture, making many friends of all ethnicities and backgrounds. During university, he has learnt to fully embrace his Chinese heritage, through being on committees for cultural societies like ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students), and CHIPS (Cardiff Healthcare International Perspective – a society for international students who study healthcare-related courses). These roles have given him the opportunity to mix with students from all over the world, allowing him to gain an insight into studying in the UK from an international student’s perspective. During medical school, Alex has also developed an interest in teaching/mentoring. He has taken up as many opportunities as possible to participate in and organise revision sessions for junior medical students, as well as helping students from state schools with their medical school applications. Outside academic life, he enjoys playing badminton, running and hiking. Alex feels that he is an enthusiastic and approachable individual with a strong and growing interest in Asian culture – he could see myself potentially working in Hong Kong/Singapore in the future. Having many international friends at University, and given his own ethnic background, Alex can really empathise with international students due to the many challenges they face whilst studying in the UK, particularly in relation to adapting to British culture and lifestyle. He hopes to help as many of them as he can in the future.



Oxford Coach

Sam is currently a finalist studying History at the University of Oxford, although he has also taken modules in Economics in his first year, having studied Maths, History and Economics at A-Level. Having tutored regularly both in and since leaving school he has significant experience working with students across GCSE and A-Level. He thoroughly believes that students can always improve and achieve top grades whatever their original ability, but this is reliant on them being comfortable and being able to express themselves. Sam has also worked with young people for many years and is considered to be very friendly and good at making students feel comfortable in their studies, whilst also pushing them on to achieve their best. During his free time, Sam enjoys playing sport, engaging with current affairs and reading novels. He also visits the Oxford Union when he can.

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