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Cambridge SDG Winter & Summer Camp

The Cambridge SDG Winter & Summer Camp will be centered on SDG courses and British cultural exploration, providing children with hands-on learning experiences that will help them grow through knowledge. Through project-based learning, children will study SDG-related knowledge across disciplines, engaging in group discussions, creative activities, and presentations. This is not only an opportunity to learn, but also a journey of personal growth.











In addition to learning activities, we will also delve into cultural attractions in Cambridge, Oxford, London, and Windsor, allowing children to experience the cultural atmosphere of the UK. They will visit famous universities, museums, and experience the romance and passion of punting on the River Cam, as well as the charm and style of city walks. Here, children will have an intimate encounter with history and culture, broaden their international horizons, and stimulate innovative thinking.










The winter & summer camp will last for two weeks and the cost is 5000 pounds. Register and pay in full within the specified period to enjoy a 20% discount.


We will offer hotel/homestay accommodation options, as well as a variety of catering services such as traditional English breakfasts, sandwiches, or group meals.


*Please refer to the image table for detailed information on the specific arrangements for the 14-day period:














Welcome to contact us for business negotiations. If you need luxury packages or affordable packages, please feel free to contact us, and we will customize the arrangements for you!


Come and join us to explore the charm of Britain together!

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