Founders' words

In Melissa's Words

UK Education Garden is aspired to be a professional consultant providing expert advice to students and their families from overseas who would like to study and live in the UK.  We regard us as gardeners and all the families we help as different plants, we provide sunlight, soil, water, and nutrients to enable them grow strong and healthy, reaching their potentials. We are here to listen to each family's wishes and concerns and assist them to make the right decisions based on our years of professional knowledge and experiences. We wish to be your extended family taking care of all your needs and helping you fulfil whatever dreams that you may have about studying, working and living in the UK.

In Dr Lau's Words

We see our clients as family units while seeing their children as our services' core. Helping the children with their education and career aspiration is very important. Supporting the whole family to grow along with the children and find their happiness is our ultimate goal. A happy family is a blossom in our education garden. We love to be that garden for that blossom. 

Happy Student


Our vision is to become a leading professional education consultancy company providing one-stop studying abroad solutions as well as all-round trusted support services to our students and their families from overseas.

We strive for the organic growth of our organization through integrity, honesty and excellence  with care for our society, culture, people especially mothers. 


  • To assist student in selecting and applying for suitable schools/universities based on the student’s abilities, performance, and desires

  • We care about our students' all kinds of needs when studying abroad and support them at every step

  • We encourage our students to try their best to strive and reach their potentials

  • We strive for the organic growth of our organization through integrity, honesty, care and excellence.