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Power of Mothers

Our Thoughts

Our CEO Melissa is an entrepreneur as well as a mother of twins. She understands the challenges that a mother has to face in order to balance work and family. She has met many well-educated mothers having to take a career break to look after their young children, but when they are ready to return to work, it is extremly difficult to find a job that provides opportunities as well as flexibilities to allow them to be able to spend some time with their children. Thus Melissa wishes that her company can become one of the few that provide flexible working hours and job satisfaction to mothers, whatever their skill sets are. We hope, with our help, more mothers can go back to work again whilst looking after their children, which we believe it will help boost their confidence and self-esteem, make them feel appreciated and rewarded through work.


We would love to hear from you, mothers!  Please contact us to let us know what you can offer and what we can do for you! 

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