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The Study Skills Course is taught by experienced school teachers, the course is tailor-made for each student aged 5 or above to master effective learning strategies to help them make significant achievement in exams.


Course Features:

  • A wide coverage of study techniques to help pupils get adapted to the school life in the UK
  • An emphasis on time management skills, ways to boost motivation to tackle exams
  • Practices on making personalised revision notes and highly effective learning techniques


What happens after purchase:

1. UKEG will contact parents to understand your child’s education needs in depth.

2. We will then arrange a professional tutor and schedule 7 teaching and learning sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

3. All learning materials will be tailor-made for your child and will be available for self-access throughout the course.


*Discount code available and for UKEG membership only. Alternatively, you can fillin your contact details here and will email you the discount code accordingly.






  • 涵蓋不同學習及應試技巧,讓同學盡快融入當地學習文化,減少文化差異帶來的問題。
  • 注重時間管理技巧,提升學習動機以應付校內外考試
  • 掌握技巧製作個人溫習筆記及高效記憶學習法



1. 英國教育園會聯繫家長,深入了解孩子的教育需求。

2. 我們將安排一名專業導師,並為同學編排共7節教學課堂,每節課 1 小時。

3. 所有學習材料均為同學量身訂做,並且存放在網上教學平台供同學自習之用。


*折扣碼僅適用於 UKEG 會員。您可以先填寫您的聯繫方式,我們會將相應的折扣代碼通過電子郵件發送給您


學習技巧課程 / Study Skills Course

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