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Money and Wealth, All students must know.   

-Delivered by Professor Alan Barrell

9am-10:30am (UK Time)

5pm-6:30pm (China Time)

Money, All Students Must Know. Live Online, 9am-10:30am(UK Time) Dec 3rd, 2022

  • “MONEY a word used daily. But what does it mean to YOU? Our talk will be about PEOPLE, VALUE, WANTS, NEEDS, PROSPERITY, POVERTY, FAMINE AND WEALTH. We will put Money and Wealth in the context of the real world and examine how currency and different types of money evolved from simple bartering and exchange. It is of ten said that ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’ and then others say,  ‘Money is the Root of All Evil’ What do YOU think? Be ready for a lively discussion!”

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