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Morrisby uncovers how individuals think and what they enjoy. When a pupil doesn’t know which subjects to pick or which careers to pursue, Morrisby’s suggestions will give ideas, showing how well individuals match dependent on strengths, interests, motivations and ambitions.


Assessment strengths:

  • identifies a student’s strengths and builds a comprehensive personal profile, raising self-awareness.
  • explores opportunities using the ‘What-If’ tool which allows pupils to change qualification levels to see what new careers and subjects become available.
  • helps young people investigate the best routes to achieve their goals and encourage them to explore similar careers and courses including many they may never have considered.


What happens after purchase:

1. Parents will receive an electronic file via email, instructing students on how to set up a Morrisby account and complete the assessment.

2. UKEG will contact parents to understand your child’s education needs in depth.

3. We will arrange a 30-minute individual consultation with your child based on the assessment result.

4. Your child will also receive detailed reports and constructive advice from Morrisby and UKEG respectively after the consultation.






  • 識別學生的優點並建立全面的個人檔案,提高自我意識。
  • 讓同學使用測試工具探索不同資歷架構等級,以探索和了解不同職業和科目。
  • 幫助年輕人找出最佳途徑以實現個人目標,並鼓勵他們探索類似的職業和課程,包括許多他們可能從未考慮過的課程。



1. 家長將會於電郵收到一份電子檔案,指引同學如何設立Morrisby帳號並完成評估

2. 英國教育園會聯繫家長,深入了解孩子的教育需求。

3. 我們將安排一名升學導師與同學進行30分鐘的個別輔導。

4. 同學亦將會在完成個別輔導後分別收到Morrisby和英國教育園的詳細報告和建議。

Morrisby 升學或職業性向測試 (適合15歲或以上青少年)

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