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To become UKEG Membership

UK Education Garden understands parents would have many concerns when planning to move to the UK, and your child's education is of the utmost importance.


We know every family has its unique timeline, budget, and concerns from our own experiences as international students and immigrants ourselves. For this, we have devised different membership plans that help families that are planning to move to UK and families that plan to send their child to study in the UK, covering from kindergarten to university.

Membership Introduction

1. We are different. How do we make a difference to families choosing us?

A UK based company that you can trust

The founder of UK Education Garden, Melissa Lee, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Cambridge. Lee has served in the UK educational section for over 10 years, and her area of expertise is helping students with their education and giving career advice. For 3 consecutive years, Lee was invited to be the Advisory Mentor of Queen's Young Leader Award (2015-2018). Our co-founder and Asia Pacific Area Director, Dr. Irene Lau, also graduated from the University of Cambridge. She worked as the deputy director of the Executive Education in HKU Business School and the Ambassador in Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. In 2008, she was bestowed the "World Outstanding Chinese Awards" for her contributions to educational opportunities for the underprivileged.

UK Education Garden's headquarters is situated in Cambridge, the UK, while our Asia Pacific office is located in Hong Kong. UK Education Garden has helped more than 300 Chinese families and 3500 UK locals and European students with quality education services: advice on school selections and school applications, visa applications, and school switching processes. We also help students with their new school life by giving them a helping hand on the study skills needed in the UK. Upon arrival, we give ongoing support facilitating communication and collaboration between schools and parents. Hence, we are especially familiar with the needs and concerns of Chinese families.


UK Education Garden is proud to present our bespoke memberships that support students who come to further their study in the UK and families that would like to move to the UK. We always look into the needs of each family and tailor-make education and moving services accordingly, and take every step to make the transition and the adaption easier.

Tailor-made education pathway planned for you by a team of true UK education experts

We have a team of top Education and Career Coaches in UK Education Garden that helps students of different age groups and stages to path their education ahead in the UK through our tailor-made services. Our dedicated team would help students select schools, further education, interviews, and improve English and study skills.


Our Elite Education and Career Coaches are graduates from top universities in the UK, namely, The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, and The University of Edinburgh. They compile programmes and materials and deliver our students 1-on-1 tutorials on interview skills and study skills. Besides, our Elite Education and Career Coaches design and follow up a personalised development plan for each student studying primary school, secondary school, and university, focusing on their learning progress and future career needs. 

Through the undivided effort and attention our elite coaches gave to our students, students will be equipped with top study skills and interview skills to help their applications to their selected schools dramatically. Students will eventually possess better study skills, which would allow them to build a solid foundation that better adapts to the new learning environment.


UK Education Garden has collaborated with more than 60 schools and educational institutes in the UK to have the most updated and accurate information. That can provide parents with a solid foundation for choosing the right school/ university for their loved ones.

In line with the needs of our members, UK Education Garden would also explain in detail: information of different schools in different school catchment areas according to your choice. We have a good grasp of knowledge for major cities namely, Cambridge, Oxford, London, Bath, Reading, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, York, Hertfordshire, and Kent, etc. We are happy to provide professional and quality advice and help with the actual applications, such as giving advice on top school applications, filling in application forms, and rendering help in preparing personal statements. 


Extensive social network – seamlessly settling in the UK

UK Education Garden believes that a vast social network is an indispensable factor in a quality adaption to any new environment. We provide our member 1-on-1 local bubby scheme that helps your family to get more first-hand local information and establish a supportive social circle.

Besides, UK Education Garden works with a comprehensive network of professionals such as chartered accountants in the UK and Hong Kong, senior British lawyers, surveyors, professional estate agents, etc. They provide professional advice and follow-up services on taxes, homeownership, and other settlement procedures for our members.

We also regularly host live events promoting quality and happy lifestyle in the UK in which we invite professionals and special guests from all walks of life to share information and experience in different areas such as employment, taxation, investment, further education, cultural differences, and how to build a new social circle. Besides, we answer members' questions in real-time. We hope to help you integrate more seamlessly into British life. 


2. How to choose a school? What the differences between applying to schools in HK and the UK? How do parents help children with their education and life in the UK?

Choosing a school

Other than the school's rating, the student's learning needs, and whether the student likes the school atmosphere, it is essential to understand the implications of the 'catchment area'. For example, a state school would only be applicable for families that live within 1.1 miles. UK Education Garden would love to offer your professional advice on the notion of catchment areas and other aspects such as sports and extra-curricular activities provided by each school.  

To help parents and students have a more comprehensive review of education and career opportunities in the UK, UK Education Garden would regularly invite graduates from the top universities in the UK. They are graduates from universities such as The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, University College London to share online their first-hand experience being international students, their global work experience, tips on school/ university applications, and scholarship opportunities.


School applications and interview preparation

For school applications, schools in the UK would look into the personal charisma of a child. When parents help them fill in the application forms, it is imperative to use specific words to describe your child's interests, learning performance, and strengths. It is because this information helps the schools to do the first screening process. When your child attends an interview, they must emphasise what is unique about them to leave a long-lasting impression on the interview panel.

UK Education Garden services would support these by giving individual advice according to the child and the schools selected. Our education experts would read and amend the application forms and personal statements for you.


For interview preparation, UK Education Garden would pair your child up with one of our Elite Education and Career Coaches. Our elite coaches are highflyers who graduated from top universities in the UK, such as The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford. To boost your child's confidence, your child personal coach would provide 1-on-1 tutorials on interview skills and tips to leave a remarkable impression during interviews. Meanwhile, parents would be tipped upon how they can help their children prepare for the interviews.


We also regularly invite special guests to share interview skills and how parents can help children prepare for interviews online. Members can grab the opportunity to ask questions.

3. What should our family consider when choosing UK Education Garden services?

Adapting study skills and learning environment in the UK

UK Education Garden arranges each family with one of our Elite Education and Career Coaches that provides them 1-on-1 tutorials. Our elite coaches are highflyers who graduated from top universities in the UK, such as The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford. In these tutorials, we aim at equipping members with knowledge of school culture, etiquette, and rules at school, insights about extra-curricular activities, exciting anecdotes, and study skills.


Your allocated coach also provides ongoing 1-on-1 support according to a student's strengths and weaknesses, and needs in different stages on the education path from primary education to university education and the early stage of career. 


Besides, UK Education Garden would also follow up with our members on their school life and school performance. We can help arrange airport transfers, student accommodation applications, and visits for our members coming to the UK to further their studies without family. We do other best to help students adapt to the new environment the best they can.