How do we help your family?

Understanding your family's needs

We understand every family is unique. Whether sending your loved ones abroad alone or moving aboard as a family? It is already a massive decision to make. Our education consultants and professional specialist are available to help your family make the other daunting tasks of moving to the UK easier by assisting your family in making informed decisions side by side. 

While some families take 2-3 years to plan the move, some may want it happens right away. UK Education Garden would be here for your family through every step. We aim to get to know each family as a unit and every member in a family as closely linked individuals. Each family and each member have their own needs, abilities, and concerns. Our consultants would love to hear all your stories and help you shortlist what suits you the most and how to achieve them step by step. 

Help your family grow 

Through an initial consultation, we would help you tell us your family's story and what would you like to achieve. Better still, we suggest you something better to accomplish. For children, we would examine what they need psychologically, academically, and for whole-person development and provide support before assisting them in applying to a school that best suits their needs. 


We hope to help students amplify their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Support includes arranging English language lesson with IELTS experts, public exam enrolment and volunteer opportunities. The support system is not only restricted to the children who will further their education in the UK, but it also extends to the whole family as our services aim at supporting a family as a unit. 


As important as children's education, we have started providing career development and job search services that help parents and adults prepare well for the UK's job market. We believe that job opportunities help the entire family to adapt to the challenge of moving to the UK much better.

Step by step guidance and ongoing professional services at different stages

To let families be well-informed of their situation and whether it is more beneficial to move to the UK in the long run, UK Education Garden has a very committed, experienced, and professional network of specialists who can give on-point suggestions services to issues from housing solutions to taxation. 


The moment your children going inside a school and parents getting the keys to their properties never signifies our services' end on our checklist. Our service offers family membership, and UK Education Garden will be your partner during your whole journey of settling in the UK. We have career coaches who are graduates from top universities in the UK such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, and the University of Edinburgh that help prepare our students for tertiary education and offer help with job searching. Our resourceful financial experts, property experts, and law specialists are also available for you at different stages of your journey in the UK. 

Cutting edge online platform

Like many schools and top universities, and companies in the UK, we have adapted Microsoft Team as our online platform to help students grow in general. As time is gold and transportation takes up too much unnecessary time and effort when both the families we serve and team members are literally from different areas in Asia Pacific areas, and in the UK, we have found that instead of only calls and emails, an integrated and comprehensive online platform best suits our 21st century needs. Benefits include:

  • organising learning materials regarding further education and career development: our team upload learning materials that help students step up in personal growth and academic-wise;


  • engaging small group discussions: students and our team members can interact and discuss ideas anytime, anywhere;

  • organising student work submission: Students submit their work and leave a record;


  • setting up online meeting: virtual face to face sessions that help getting meanings across effectively for more complicated issues and learning purposes;


  • familiarising students with the learning platform of the future: Students will likely be using the same or similar learning platform when they start studying in the UK; therefore, they are a step ahead

Sustainable social network

We believe families that have chosen our services support the idea of sustainability. UK Education Garden links up families we serve to form a social network that facilitates preparations before and after landing in the UK. In this network, we hope families can exchange ideas, give each other emotional support, and offer practical and timely help. This network aims to provide a supportive network for the like-minded.

Chinese Book Club

It is a UK Education Garden sponsored service. Our founders grew up in Hong Kong and understand the beauty of books and traditional Chinese. We mobilise parent volunteers to support the running of the club. UK Education Garden understands parents' concern would be the lack of language learning contexts when they move to the UK. Our book club initially supports mainly traditional Chinese storybooks ordering. We have a recommended list compiled by an experienced librarian and our other volunteers. We believe in the importance of learning the language spoken in the family. Through learning Chinese, children can also learn about cultures.

Our Book Club



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