Founders' words

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In Melissa's words

UK Education Garden is aspired to be a professional consultant for MBA/EMBA families and their children's careers planning. In recent years, more and more families send their children for world-class education in the UK and they are also interested in buying their British home. We regard all the families we help as different plants; as gardeners ourselves, we provide different sunlight, soil, water, and nutrients to grow and help them reach their potentials. We would love to actively listen to each family's needs and concerns and provide professional assistance to help them make the best decisions. Hence, the complicated and time-consuming process is a lot easier. We wish to be your extended family on your journey to the UK.

In Dr. Lau's words

We see our clients as family units while seeing their children as our services' core. Helping the children with their education and career aspiration is very important. Supporting the whole family to grow along with the children and find their happiness is our ultimate goal. A happy family is a blossom in our education garden. We love to be that garden for that blossom. 

Dr Irene Lau