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Consultant-led care

Our Services

UK Education Garden Memberships

We provide 3 different comprehensive family memberships for families with different needs and expectations. We render help from finding a suitable school to taxation advice.

School Visit

To see the potential schools and living environment; to interact with the students, the teachers and even a chance to discuss your needs with the headteachers.

Summer Courses

Joining an individualized summer course is the best way for students to taste how studying in the UK is like and learn towards their interests and academic goals.

Job Searching Service for Adults/ Parents

Securing a job helps many adults coming to the UK by providing them economic viability, building up a social network and using their talents. We help you with your CV writing for the UK job market.

English Online Course

Equip yourself with better English for your needs with your personal tutor, either an IELTS examiner, a school teacher or a top A*  student.

Online Chinese Class for Fun (pending)

Paying tribute to Chinese culture and language, we run non-profit making online classes for Chinese families in the UK.

Our Team

Melissa Lee

Founder &

Executive Director

Dr. Irene Lau

Co-founder &

CEO of Asia Pacific Region

Dr. David Smith

Oxbridge Coach

Alison Judge

Communication Coach