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國際家庭日2021 International Day of Families 2021

2021年5月15日星期六(明天)是聯合國國際家庭日, 在新冠肺炎陰影下, 聯合國仍不忘這個宣揚家庭的愛及健康家庭重要日子, 為小孩與家長舉辦疫下最合宜的活動, "Kids Angel - International Day of Families 2021" Let's Dance Together! 「天使般的兒童 - 國際家庭日2021」讓我們一起跳舞吧!

活動目的是為了在疫下眾人仍能保持充足的運動, 鼓勵家長與小孩打開視像, 與全世界家庭一同跳舞吧!

日期: 2021年5月15日星期六

時間: 8am-9am (英國)

3pm-4pm (香港, 新加坡)

軟件: Zoom (在Zoom開啟以下連結)

Meeting ID: 890 5736 6443

Passcode: 191834




Dear Students and Parents:

Let’s dance together for the United Nations "International Day of Families". The prolonged CONVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of family love and healthy well beings.

We wish to promote the importance of exercise in families through games and dance.

The following are the details of the online activities for the "Kids Angel - International Day of Families 2021":

◐ Time: 15th May 2021 (Sat) 8am-9am UK 🇬🇧

= 3pm-4pm in Hong Kong🇭🇰 & Singapore 🇸🇬

◐ Zoom:

Meeting ID: 890 5736 6443

Passcode: 191834 ⠀

(the room opens at 7:45 am)

You will dance with children and families from UK, Singapore, Mainland China and Hong Kong:

🕺 Special Pandemic Dance

🕺 Warm-up with Tabata

🕺 Let's DanceXercise

Let's enjoy healthy family life together and try the theme dance "Born to Shine" with your families before the event. Here is the Demo Video:

Thank You and See you on the day 😊


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