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📔給我們的圖書一個新的家📚📕Give our books a new home📙

The British Library's main storehouse is a marvel - an unrivalled collection of human knowledge with more than 300 miles of shelves tended by robot librarians. 📚The 44-acre facility houses three-quarters of the British Library's entire 170 million strong collection, including medical journals 👨🏻‍⚕️used by health workers researching Covid-19 treatments, electoral registers 🗳for families delving into their genealogy and decades-old newspapers 📰 used by police researching cold cases.

大英圖書館的主要藏書庫是一個奇蹟——一個無與倫比的人類知識寶庫,內有超過 300 英里由機器人操控的書架。📚這座佔地 44 英畝的設施收藏了大英圖書館全部 1.7 億藏書的四分之三,其中包括醫護研究 Covid-19 治療方法的醫學期刊👨🏻‍⚕️、研究家族族譜的選民登記冊🗳以及警察研究陳舊案件時使用的舊報紙案例📰。

But as its stock of millions and millions of titles continues to swell, it requires five miles of new shelving every year. Library staff is leading plans for the site's biggest redevelopment in its 60-year history. They have between two and three years to create a new building to cover storage needs until mid-century. 🏫

但隨著其數以百萬計的圖書數量不斷增加,它每年都需要 5 英里的新書架。藏書管理員正在領導60 年來最大的重建計劃,用兩到三年的時間建造一座新的藏書庫,以滿足本世紀中前的需求。🏫

有趣的問題 / Question to ponder:

Why are the storage buildings maintained at constant temperature and humidity, with an oxygen level 7% lower than in the air outside? 🍀

作品儲藏室除了需要保持恆溫恆濕,為什麼氧氣含量比室外空氣低 7%?🍀


[Part of the text above is paraphrased for the ease of communication.]

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