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👑英女皇的幽默👑🇬🇧The Queen’s Sense of Humour🇬🇧


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne👸. Last week, members of the royal family specially prepared a cake for her to celebrate, but the Queen seemed to be a little unsatisfied with how the cake was placed. 🎂


It turned out that in order for the press to take better pictures📸, the cake was placed in the direction of the reporters, making it difficult for the Queen to read the congratulatory words on it. Queen Elizabeth II suddenly made a quip, "I don't mind! I don't matter!" 😫


The Queen's British humour made all the guests laugh😅! Of course the queen was just joking, she was happy to have everyone celebrating for her! Fortunately, the members of the royal family read the congratulatory words on the cake for her! 😝

🔸關鍵詞 Keywords🔸

1️⃣ 白金年禧 Platinum Jubilee

The Queen celebrates 70 years of service in her historic reign.

2️⃣ 俏皮話 Quip

It was Oscar Wilde who made the famous quip about life mimicking art.

More information about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration:

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