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Creative Paris with Festive Elegance 🎄✨ #SDGMamaMe #GlobalEducationLeaders

Spending 🔅Thanksgiving time at the historic Château de la Muette, headquarter of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD Paris with a group

of excellent global educators showcasing creativity and top education, has filled our founder, Melissa, with gratitude 💡and inspiration🌎.

It propels us forward in our shared endeavour to shape a better future through creative education.

In this fusion of art, SDG, history, and gobal education, she pondered three key questions:

1. 🍎In the age of AI, how can we creatively prepare our next generation?

2. 🍎Recognizing nature as an outstanding teacher, how can we incorporate more outdoor learning into our educational practices?

3. 🍎Facing the challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, what innovative strategies can we adopt?

Special thanks to a number of Professors 🎻for the good discussions. We are also thankful to Melissa’s personal assistant, Michelle, 🎓whose skilled navigation in this beautiful city made everything go smoothly. Her fluency in French, English, and Chinese has been immensely helpful.


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