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🌳Inspiration from a Student’s Story🌳Success does not come by easily. What are the key Soft Skills

Student A's story sharing:

In the UK, examination results and academic awards have been announced not long ago. Seeing friends and siblings receiving outstanding grades and awards, Student A was frustrated 😔as she didn’t receive any. She focused on her studies, but as if her efforts were not recognised. She burst into tears, and even questioned her learning ability.

Fortunately, she did not give up. With the support of family members and mentors, she continued to improve herself💪🏻. After a while, Student A was finally able to get a certificate of commendation awarded to her by the school with her unyielding effort🏅.

🍀Moral of the story🍀

Behind every award, there is often a long period of hard work and dedication,

continuous adjustments on study skills and mentality.☺️

Never give up! Hard work will definitely pay off!👨🏻‍🎓

Many students know that "hard work" and "self-improvement" are the cornerstones of success. But the following most critical Soft Skills deserve our greatest attention:

1. Paying attention to details📝

2. Grit (Passion + Perseverance) 🎯

3. Enjoying learning🙋🏻‍♂️

Boost your motivation with Angela Lee’s speech on “Grit”.

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