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⭐The Last Bear⭐ 🍀溫馨又發人深省的故事🍀

為大家介紹一本內容既令人感動,又能夠令小朋友學懂保護環境和與愛護動物的小說。Hannah Gold 是知名的兒童文學作家,她在去年出版的一本The Last Bear奪取多個兒童文學創作獎項。💕📚

Introducing to you a novel in which the content is both touching and can help children learn about the importance of protecting the environment and animals. Hannah Gold is a well-known children‘s literature author, and her book "The Last Bear", published last year, has won several awards and become the best seller in the UK. 💕📚


Check out a brief intro about the story of the book and the author celebrating the moment she got the award! 😁

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