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UK Education Garden

About Us

UK Education Garden was founded and registered in the UK in September 2017 and later registered in Hong Kong in January 2020. UK Education Garden is an education consultancy offering one-stop education consulting services to international students as well as care and support to their families.


Over the last five years, UK Education Garden has expanded to cover many areas of education consultancy including assistance in applications to UK schools and universities, guardianship, tutoring, careers advice with internship services and educational courses - a one-stop all-around education support service to international students. Our five-year-plan is to continue maintaining and improving our professional services to the highest standards, as well as branching into new regions including Malaysia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany and Switzerland. 

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Our Story

The story of UK Education Garden started back in 2009 when Melissa, the founder of UK Education Garden, had a strong passion for education that led her to study a master's degree in education at the University of Cambridge.

With a keen interest in child psychology and careers development, Melissa specifically focused her research and studies on how students with different family backgrounds, i.e. cultures, adapt to new school environments when joining in-year.    She looked at the difficulties they experience and what schools and parents can do to make the transition easier.

One of the songs that always echoed with Melissa in helping children grow was Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston, and the lyrics went:

"I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"

Meet The Team


Melissa Lee

Founder & Executive Director

MEd (Cantab), BEd (CUHK)


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Melissa Lee is the founder of UK Education Garden, which offers excellent careers advice to international students. A dynamic and approachable individual with active listening and strong problem-solving skills, she helps students with their careers and academic development. Melissa grew up in Hong Kong where the pursuit of excellence in education is inherent in the culture. It was therefore instilled in her to be passionate about lifelong learning. ​She is an educator and mentor with over ten years' experience working in Hong Kong and Cambridge. ​Being aware of, and adaptable to, the cultural sensitivities of working with international clients, Melissa is able to work with senior members of various institutions. She is an outstanding communicator and appreciates how to maintain professional confidentiality.

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Dr. Irene Lau

Co-Founder & Executive Director

EMBA , MPhil (Cantab)

Dr. Irene Lau is a seasoned educator with extensive international experience. She has been active in advocating sustainability and governance across government, business, NGOs and academia, with her prior engagement in both the public and private sectors, including time as Senior Consultant of New York State Trade and Investment Representative Office (China and Hong Kong) promoting trade and investment; Deputy Director of Executive Education in the Business School of the University of Hong Kong fostering global education; and Senior Director of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce shaping the business policy agenda. Dr. Lau is passionate about driving social-economic improvements in society. She was bestowed the “Albert Schweitzer Medal of Honour in Humanity” in 2018 for enhancing social inclusion; received “The President’s Call to Service Award” in 2012, signed by President Obama in recognition of her community service which had led to the strengthening of the Nation; and the “World Outstanding Chinese Award” in 2008, for being a champion in providing educational opportunities for the underprivileged. She holds professional qualifications as a Chartered Governance Professional (CGP), a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (FCIS), a Fellow of The International Institute of Management (FIIM) and a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors (FHKIoD). Her postgraduate study was obtained from the University of Cambridge with her research focusing on sustainability and performance. She was the Ambassador of the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership.

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Dr. James Chu

Business Strategy & Financial Consultant

PhD, BSc(University of Birmingham)

James received his undergraduate and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from The University of Birmingham. Since graduating, James has been working in the field of investments with several reputable firms including HSBC and American Express in UK. His roles often require good mathematical and analytical skills in making business decisions. ​As a keen educator, James has kept teaching Business, Mathematics and Physical Sciences to people of different ages over the years. His teaching experience ranges from helping top primary school students in Mathematics to adults studying for degrees at higher education and professional qualifications. James has been recognised as an excellent trainer by clients and students with his approach in linking concepts in textbooks to real-life situations.

Our Partners


"You helped us expand our understanding of Cambridge Education to a level that we never thought possible. Thank you. UK Education Garden, for supporting our family in making the important decision about sending our son to a suitable boarding school in the UK. We really couldn't have done it without you "

Lily Hui/ mother of Kevin

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