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🎄UKEG Christmas / New Year Presents🎄

Have you guys unwrapped all the presents after Boxing Day? Don’t miss the ones UKEG has got for you!!🤩

😀Gift 1: Morrisby / Motivational Map*😀

An amazing assessment tool followed by a private consultation to guide you to choose the most ideal academic / career pathway for yourself.

😃Gift 2: £100 voucher*😃

The voucher can be redeemed for UKEG courses and services in the future.

😄Gift 3: Interview Skills Course 😄

Taught by our Cambridge progression coaches, the course is designed to equip students with the skills required to succeed in school application interviews.

😁Gift 4: Study Skills Course 😁

Taught by experienced school teachers, the course is tailor-made for each student aged 5 or above to master effective learning strategies to help them make significant achievement in exams.


Complimentary if registering MPW Easter Revision with UKEG - a choice between Gift 1 and Gift 2.

🔸 Useful links🔸

🔺Course Introduction:

🔺Course Outlines:



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