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Motivational Maps provides insight into the sources of motivation of an individual. It aims to give pupils an opportunity to get a better understanding of themselves. It is a powerful self-assessment tool which helps teenagers plan how they can best engage with their learning, as well as maintain their mental well-being, enabling them to make informed decisions for their own academic and career aspirations.


Assessment strengths:

  • identifies pupils’ current level of motivation
  • identifies key motivators which have a significant impact on pupils’ performance
  • informs goal setting and decision making


What happens after purchase:

1. UKEG will contact parents to understand your child’s education needs in depth.

2. Your child will receive an electronic file via email, instructing them on how to set up a Motivational Map account and complete the assessment.

3. We will arrange a 30-minute individual consultation with your child based on the assessment result.

4. Your child will also receive detailed reports and constructive advice from Motivational Map and UKEG respectively after the consultation.



Motivational Map引導學生認識及探索個人動力的來源,並讓他們更深入了解自己。同學可以透過這個自我評估工具,規劃如何積極參與和投入學習,並保持心境健康,使他們能夠為自己的學術和職業抱負作出明智的決定。



  • 查找學生當前的動機水平
  • 查找對學生表現有重大影響的動機來源
  • 促使同學制定個人目標和決定



1. 英國教育園會聯繫家長,深入了解孩子的教育需求。

2. 同學將會於電郵收到一份電子檔案指引他們如何設立Motivational Map帳號並完成評估

3. 我們將安排一名升學導師與同學進行30分鐘的個別輔導。

4. 同學亦將會在完成個別輔導後分別收到Motivational Map和英國教育園的詳細報告和建議。


Motivational Map升學或職業性向測試 (適合7-15歲兒童/青少年)

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