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UK Education Garden believes in sustainable developments that would benefit society’s growth, our customer needs, and our business in the long run. We emphasise activities that promote being environmentally friendly, cultural conservation, and sustainable social support circle.



Sustainable social network


We believe families that have chosen our services support the idea of sustainability. UK Education Garden links up families we serve to form a social network that facilitates preparations before and after landing in the UK. In this network, we hope families can exchange ideas, give each other emotional support, and offer practical and timely help. This network aims to provide a supportive network for the like-minded.


UK Parents’ Chinese Children Book Club


It is a UK Education Garden sponsored service. Our founders grew up in Hong Kong and thy understand the beauty of books and traditional Chinese. We mobilise parent volunteers to support the running of the club.

UK Education Garden understands parents' concern would be the lack of language learning contexts when they move to the UK. Our book club initially supports mainly traditional Chinese storybooks ordering.

We have a recommended list compiled by an experienced librarian and our other volunteers. We believe in the importance of learning the language spoken in the family. Through learning Chinese, children can also learn about cultures. For more details, please go to our Chinese Book Club.

Cooperate and group visits


From schools to the United Nations, sustainability and eco-friendly remains the most prominent topic to discuss in recent years. UK Education Garden would like to be part of that. We would recommend visiting places and other business settings that keep environmental sustainability as their core principle for school groups and cooperates that see the UK through us. The University of Cambridge is renowned for its research and academic development in this aspect, and UK Education Garden is well connected to establishments around for professional exchanges.  

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