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What is the meaning of a garden in the education sense?

Garden, gardening, and gardener are the keywords to our company philosophy. The name of UK Education Garden comes from the word 'kindergarten'. It may sound like something quite ordinary at first sight, but soon you will be inspired by understanding the story behind it.

Kindergarten comes from the German words "kinder" which means child, and 'garten' (garden), which means a place to grow. Why are these words associated with education began in Germany in the 18th century? Friedrich Froebel, a famous educator, he and his brother grew up in the gardens around their house, and they learnt a lot from playing around the gardens. Later in his life, when he became a teacher. The family he worked for gave him a piece of land in a garden as a classroom for the children. He established that the best way to help children learn is through direct observation and action. He then founded a school for toddlers and named it 'kindergarten'.


Now, kindergarten is a place to nurture young children, so they learn what they need for the long school years ahead and even life ahead. A kindergarten gives children the core environment and substances they need at the beginning of life, hopefully leaving them their favourite and fondest memories and love. Our company would like to be that special piece of land full of nutrients for anyone who is up for the challenge of starting anew in the UK.

The story behind the name of UK Education Garden


Our philosophy

We are gardeners. UK Education Garden has adopted the metaphorical use of 'garden' as a part of our company name and our company's educational philosophy. We do not merely identify ourselves as a bridge between parents/ students and schools. Our team aspires to be the gardeners for families that know the importance of personal growth, family well-being, and community sustainability.

Most other companies with similar natures aim at pairing up students with a private school, and their primary source of income is from the commission given by those profit-making schools. Selling one school successfully to a family is the central service, and so the types and number of schools are minimal. It sounds like a shopkeeper trying to sell whatever is available in their shop. On the contrary, our one-of-a-kind bespoke services provide families much more guidance and options than they would have ever imagined. UK Education Garden opens the door to a complete selection of state schools and other government-funded/aided education institutes for your children.

As gardeners, we know there are different plants and seedlings in our garden. Each of them is different. Some need more sunlight, while some prefer the shade. Some require a higher soil pH value when some need a lower soil pH value. Some need special trimming and some a trellis to climb on. No matter what, all seedlings need special attention, and we, gardeners, are here to make it happen. When your family is with us, we would be your happy gardeners to help you reach your potentials and start a happy life in England.

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