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New Year Wishes: Be the Light

Happy New Year our dear parents and students, as we embark on the journey of 2024, let’s draw inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali polymath from British India. Tagore was not only a poet but also a musician, philosopher, and anti-colonial nationalist. In 1913, he became the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work “Gitanjali”. His profound words resonate with us as we step into the new year:

"Live as a light unto yourself, for you never know who might find their way out of darkness through your light.

Maintain kindness in your heart, for you never know who might escape despair through your kindness.

Hold on to your faith, for you never know who might dispel their confusion through your belief.

Believe in your own strength, for you never know who might start believing in themselves because of their faith in you.

Keeping the light, kindness, and faith in your heart, you might unwittingly become a guide to someone else.”

In this spirit, let’s illuminate 2024 with our inner light and positivity. #TagoreLegacy #NobelLaureate #InspirationalQuotes #NewBeginnings2024


「把自己活成一道光, 因為你不知道, 誰會藉著你的光, 走出了黑暗。

請保持心中的善良, 因為你不知道, 誰會藉著你的善良, 走出了絕望。

請保持你心中的信仰, 因為你不知道, 誰會藉著你的信仰, 走出了迷茫。

請相信自己的力量, 因為你不知道, 誰會因為相信你, 開始相信了自己。

保持內心的光明、善良和信仰, 你可能無意間成為別人的引路人。」

讓我們以這股精神,點亮2024年,充滿內在的光芒和積極正面。#泰戈爾遺產 #諾貝爾得主 #靈感語錄 #2024新開始


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